Syndicator RSS app changes

If you’re using the free version of our Syndicator RSS reader app, you may have noticed some features have disappeared. After some long and hard thinking, we’ve decided to make some features that are currently a part of all versions of the Syndicator app only available in the PRO version.

The following features are now only available in the PRO version of our Syndicator app:

1. mark items read/unread
2. add items to favorites/read later/shared lists

We’ll also be limiting the free version to 2 streams, with a maximum of 10 feeds in each stream. If you already have streams setup, and have more than 2 streams, or more than 10 feeds in any one stream, don’t worry, they’ll keep working as-is. For existing users, the limits will only come into effect when you add new streams, or add new feeds to an existing stream.

Our goal with these changes is to make the free version a functional RSS reader and the PRO version a powerful RSS monitoring tool. To do this we found that we needed to find ways to make the PRO version a more attractive upgrade. We decided to add new features, like the ability to search across the most popular feeds we’re indexing, as well as to reduce the feature set of the free version. Along the way, we’ve discovered that the Freemium model involves a tough balance. A balance that we’re definitely trying our best to achieve. A balance that provides amazing apps for Hootsuite users, but one that also allows us to pay the bills.


Google sheets support for Streamnotes

Good news! We’ve just added Google Sheets support to our Synaptive Streamnotes Hootsuite app. You can now select posts from Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Syndicator RSS streams, and save them directly to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Adding new spreadsheets is a breeze too. Click Create new sheet, and your Google Drive will pop up. From there, you can navigate and select the location to save the spreadsheet to, as well as enter the name for your new spreadsheet:


Not using Synaptive Streamnotes yet? Find out more info here.

Say Hello! to Synaptive Streamnotes


We’ve been busy the past few weeks readying a brand new app for Hootsuite. Synaptive Streamnotes is its name, and Social Network post saving is its game. With support for popular save-to services such as Evernote, OneNote and Pocket, as well as the ability to post to Tumblr blogs and save-as PDF and CSV files, Streamnotes has everything you need to save posts where you want.


Streamnotes allows you to save posts directly from Hootsuite native streams for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. But, it doesn’t stop there. Streamnotes is also available in our Streamview apps for Twitter, Instagram & YouTube as well as in our RSS reading app, Hootsuite Syndicator.

We’ll be adding more “destinations” for your posts in the upcoming weeks and months, so if you have any requests, we’re listening!

If you’re using one of our Streamview apps, or Hootsuite Syndicator, Streamnotes is available to you now. If you want to get Streamnotes in Hoostuite native streams, you’ll need to install the Streamnotes app. For more info on the Streamnotes app please visit the Synaptive web site, or the Hootsuite App Directory.

Instagram Hashtag Analysis & Carousel Posts

We’ve just added hashtag analysis to the search analytics in our Streamview+Stats for Instagram Hootsuite app. This new feature is handy to discover which hashtags are popular in your saved searches. You can select any of your saved searches, specify a date range and then view the top 100+ hashtags, along with how many times each has shown up in your search. There are also streams showing posts from both your saved search, as well as from all of Instagram.


This update also sees support for viewing Instagram Carousel Posts. Carousel Posts allow users to combine up to 10 images and videos in one post. With Streamview you can now view a slideshow containing all of the media in those posts.

If you’re already using Streamview+Stats, these new features are available to you right now. Not using Streamview+Stats? Check out our site for more info:

The Synaptive + Hootsuite Story

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the press release put out by Hootsuite the other day regarding their App Integration fund. In it you’ll find out a little bit about the Synaptive & Hootsuite story.

It all started about 5 and a half years ago, when Hootsuite had 3 million users, and the app directory was just launched. Our first two apps, and two of the first 4 apps in the directory, were Youtube and Flickr. Over the following years, we added another 20+ apps, and Hootsuite users have installed them over 800,000 times. (and counting!) When Hootsuite introduced paid apps, we were there to start monetizing our apps. As time passed, we noticed that our Hootsuite apps were becoming an increasingly important part of Synaptive’s business. In fact, we found that the Hootsuite apps we’re becoming the business! And so it was…

Where are we going from here? We’ve just started to put our apps into logical app suites, starting off with Streamview and Cloudview.


Cloudview is a suite consisting of our Cloud file apps: Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. All three are available as a stream, plugin or in Hootsuite’s publisher. Sharing your cloud files to your social networks has never been easier


Streamview consists of Youtube, Twitter, RSS and Instagram streams. The apps are currently four separate apps/streams, but we’re working on making them function together more tightly integrated, resulting in what we believe will become a powerful addition to any social media manager’s arsenal.

We also have a whole bunch of other app ideas that will poke their heads out a little later in the year too. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or, add this blog’s RSS feed to Hootsuite Syndicator to keep yourself up to date and informed about all of our product updates and announcements.

Syndicator Popular Feeds


We’ve added a new feature to our Streamview Syndicator PRO app. Up until now, keyword searches were confined to the feeds you were currently watching in-stream. Now, when you enter a few keywords, you can select to filter by all or any of the keywords, just as you always could, but you can now also choose to search for results that match in Popular Feeds. (even if you’re not subscribed to them)


Popular feeds are a list of the most popular RSS feeds being followed by Syndicator users. Getting results from Popular feeds is easy. Enter Keywords you want to search for, select Popular feeds from the Search in drop down menu then click Search and results that match in the most popular feeds on our servers will be displayed in stream.

If you’re already using Syndicator PRO, this feature is already available to you. Not using Syndicator? Find out more info here.

Synaptive Streamview for Instagram


Big update to our Geopiq for Instagram app today, including a name change! Geopiq is now Synaptive Streamview for Instagram. Streamview is a suite of apps for Hootsuite that allow you to zoom in and focus on posts that match any criteria you select. Initially, Streamview will include apps for Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and RSS.

What’s new in Synaptive Streamview for Instagram?

1. Improved Influencer Discovery (Streamview + Stats only)

Streamview Influencers

We’ve added two new Influencer types, for a total of four:

Micro, 1,000 to 10,000 followers
Minor, 10,000 to 100,000 followers
Major, 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers
Super, 1,000,000+ followers

We’ve also added engagement averages and an engagement index to allow you to determine which influencers are likely to give you the best engagement.

Influencer Stream


The new Influencer stream allows you to view a stream of Influencers in all of your searches, or, any individual search, including combination searches.

Streamview Influencers Sort

In the Influencer stream, you can filter by Influencer type and sort by number of followers, most recent post, engagement average or engagement index. Filtering by most recent post will follow your dashboard’s refresh schedule, giving you a near real time update of Influencers as they appear in your search results.

2. Improved Analytics (Streamview + Stats only)

Search Analytics

Streamview Search Analytics

All search charts, Number of Posts and Super/Major/Minor/Micro Influencer charts, can now be filtered with a date range.

Account Analytics

We’ve added the ability to filter all account charts with a date range. You can also save the data from current the view to a CSV file.

Other changes
There’s a new combination search that allows you to view results from all of your saved searches in one stream.

Clicking on an influencer in search results displays not only a stream containing all of the user’s posts, but also a stream that contains only posts from the current search results

Posts with multiple pictures will display all pictures when you click and view the post in the popup window.

Better Emoji support. Emoji are now supported in hashtag searches and when displaying hashtag streams.

What’s next?
We’re working hard on the next release that will see a new version of Streamview for enterprises/agencies that includes the ability to add, manage and monitor multiple Instagram accounts. We’re also working on a new “stream view” that allows you to combine results from multiple social network sources.

Streamview apps are currently available in the Hootsuite App Directory. Click here to install any of the apps.

Monitor Instagram comments with Geopiq!

We’ve just put into production a major new feature for Geopiq for Instagram: Comment monitoring. The new Comment stream lists chronologically all of the comments from your most recent 10 posts on Instagram. The stream auto-updates, so that when new comments are posted they’ll show up in your stream. In addition to reading comments in-stream, you can reply and delete comments as well as follow the user who posted the comment. Just as with normal Geopiq streams, you can mark comments read or unread, allowing you to easily keep track of what you have and haven’t read yet.

If you’re using Geopiq+Analytics for Instagram, the feature will be available immediately. Just click on the Searches icon in the app menu bar, and select Comments from the Feeds drop down menu. If you’re using the original Geopiq for Instagram app, you’ll have to upgrade to Geopiq+Analytics for Instagram to get this new feature.

Monitor keywords in your RSS feeds with Hootsuite Syndicator

We’ve just released a Hootsuite Syndicator update that includes powerful keyword monitoring of the RSS feeds you are monitoring. Click the Filter icon in the app’s menu bar, select All items under feeds and then enter your keywords. Next, you can also choose to include all or any of the keywords. Now, as new results that match your keywords come in, they’ll be displayed in your stream.

This new feature is available now in the Hootsuite Syndicator PRO app. Using the Syndicator FREE app? Upgrade to Syndicator PRO to get this and many other great features.