Instagram API changes

With Instagram’s recently announced API changes, we’ve had to remove a few of the features in our Streamview for Instagram app. The bulk of the changes are in response to Instagram removing access to Comments, Likes and User Info. Effective now, the following features will no longer be available:

– Comments stream
– Likes stream
– Ability to comment on a user’s post
– Ability to like a user’s post
– Influencer streams
– Engager streams
– Ability to follow/unfollow a user

Also, for user info, you will now be taken to the Instagram site when you click on a username in-stream.

Instagram announced these changes on April 4th, no doubt  in response to the recent Cambridge Analytica controversy. It caught us, as well as many other developers, more than a little bit off guard. Going forward, there may be additional changes we’ll have to make. Any additional updates will be posted here.

And, if you’re watching a hashtag or location with hundreds of posts per hour, or are just watching a lot of hashtags or locations, you may notice that you’re not getting all of the results. Instagram also recently reduced the number of API requests we can make per user per hour from 5,000 to 200, increasing the probability of dropped posts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

280 character tweets & Facebook support for RSS AutoPublisher


We just released an update to our RSS AutoPublisher app for Hootsuite. This update allows you to now auto-publish tweets of up to 280 characters to your Twitter accounts. We’ve also added support for auto-publishing to your Facebook accounts too!

This update is using a newer version of Hootsuite’s api, and will require all users re-authenticate to get the new features. You will automatically be prompted to re-authenticate the next time you load the AutoPublish in your Hootsuite dashboard.

Not using AutoPublisher yet? More info is available in the Hootsuite App Directory.

Facebook Page Alerts for Streamview


We’ve just added Email Alerts to our Streamview for Facebook app.  With email alerts, you’ll always get notified when new posts, comments or reviews are made by visitors to your Facebook pages.

Setup is easy, just enter your email address, and we’ll send you an email with a link to verify the email address on our servers. You can then choose to receive alerts for everything, or just posts, just comments or just reviews. You can also choose to receive alerts as frequently as once an hour, or, as little as once a day.

Not using Streamview for Facebook yet? It’s available for Hootsuite now!


Adobe Livefyre, our latest app for Hootsuite


If you’re using Livefyre, part of Adobe Experience Manager, you’ll want to check out our latest app for Hootsuite. The Livefyre app consists of two parts:

1. Stream View

Use Stream view to display filtered views of  your assets.  Assets that you can then share to your networks or assign to team members to review:


2. Plugin

With the Livefyre plugin, you can save content you’ve discovered with Hootsuite to your folders/libraries in Livefyre:



Want to learn more? Check out the app’s page in the Hootsuite app directory:

Streamview for Facebook update


We’ve just released an update to our Streamview for Facebook app that has the following changes:

Page Manager
We’ve added a Page Manager to make it easier to manage which pages you are following the activity for. Simply click the Flag flag icon in the app’s menu bar, and the manager will popup:


Click the Play play icon to start monitoring the activity for a page. Click the Pause pause icon to stop monitoring the activity for a page.

Clicking the Update Pages button will check with Facebook to see if you have added any new pages recently.

All Pages Option
We’ve also added an option to display activity from all of the pages you are monitoring — these are all of the pages that you have clicked the Play button for in the Page Manager.


Review Filtering
And the final feature we’ve added to this update is Review Filtering. You can now select to only view reviews that have a specific star rating, e.g. 1 star or 5 stars, or a range, e.g. less than 4, more than 4, etc.


If you’re already using our standard Streamview for Facebook app, or the Facebook stream in our Streamview PRO app, click the Flag flag icon once to get the most up to date list of your Facebook pages.

Not using Streamview for Facebook? Learn more on our website.

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Notes for Streamnotes!


We’ve released an update to Synaptive Streamnotes which includes the ability to add custom notes to items you save to Evernote, OneNote or when your save PDF/CSV files.


Select the destination you want to save to, and then simply enter text in the Notes text box. Next, click Save to… and the text will get added to the item you’re saving:


More information on Streamnotes is available on the Synaptive web site.

Facebook Pages support for Streamview


Big news on the Streamview front this week. We’ve introduced support for Facebook Pages to Streamview!

The Facebook Pages support is available in Streamview PRO as a stream and as a standalone app. This brings our list of supported Streamview streams up to:


Our Facebook Pages support makes it really easy to view and track activity on your pages. Mark items read/unread, filter by assigned/resolved, as well as by replied/not replied. You can even view reviews too!


The app also supports saving to our Streamnotes app, so you can easily save items of interest to services such as Evernote, OneNote, Pocket and more.

More info on our Facebook pages support in Streamview is available on the Synaptive Web site.


Introducing the NEW Streamview PRO


We pushed live a whole slew of changes to our Streamview apps for Hootsuite over the long weekend. There are now two versions: Streamview Standard and Streamview PRO.

Streamview Standard versions are individual Twitter, Instagram, Syndicator (RSS feeds) and YouTube apps. If you’re using one of those apps, you may have noticed changes here and there as we strived to make the apps function a little more alike. You’ll also notice that Streamview for Instagram comes with analytics for one Instagram account. (more on that in the this blog post)

Streamview PRO combines all of the apps in one uber app. When you first add a new Streamview PRO stream, you will be asked which app you want to use:


After you’ve selected a network, you can still switch between the four by selecting a different network from the network menu:


The NEW Streamview Syndicator
Our Syndicator app has evolved in the Streamview PRO upgrade process too. It now has Power Searches, as well as the ability to import Power Search feeds from the Twitter, YouTube and Instagram Streamview apps. Power Searches are available in the Standard and PRO versions, however Power Search feeds are available only in Streamview PRO.

To get your Streamview Power Searches into Syndicator, simply open the Feed Manager in the Syndicator app and click Import Streamview Searches:


Imported searches will be added to the YouTube Searches, Twitter Searches and Instagram Searches groups. Please not that these searches can only be used in Syndicator. We’ll be adding more similar features to Streamview PRO over the coming weeks and months as we strive to make Syndicator your one-stop reader.

Streamnotes too!
Streamview PRO also comes with our Streamnotes save-to app. (more on Streamnotes in this blog post) If you’re new to Streamview, Streamnotes will be automatically installed when  you add Streamview PRO. If you’ve been using Streamnotes+ for Instagram, you’ll have to add the plugin manually by following these steps:

1. Open the App directory by clicking on the App Directory option in the left menubar:


2. Search for the Streamview PRO app, and then click on the Settings button in the bottom right:


3. Next, find the App Plugins tab and select it:


4. Finally, click the Add button to add the plugin, and then the Finish button to get back to your streams:


If you were using the Streamview+ app, you now have everything in Streamview PRO. If you’re using one of the individual apps, and want to upgrade to Streamview PRO, first add the Streamview PRO app to your dashboard, then delete the individual app(s).

And, if you’re new to Streamview, check out the app page on the Hootsuite app directory web site.


Streamview for Instagram Updates!


Big news on the Streamview for Instagram front. If you’re a user of the Standard version, you now can get account analytics too! All versions of Streamview for Instagram now come with account analytics for one Instagram account. If you’re a Streamview+ user, you don’t have to do a thing. If you’re a Standard version user, click on the settings account to manage your Instagram accounts:


If there are not any accounts listed under Analytics Accounts, click the Add Analytics Account button to get started. You can now also add multiple Instagram accounts for analytics. Contact us if you want to add more accounts.

Meet the Engagers
Ever wanted to know who is engaging with your Instagram posts the most? We’ve added a new stream to Streamview+ that allows you to view a stream of your Engagers, just as you can for your Influencers. Simply select Engagers from the Streams menu:


You can then sort Engagers by their Total Engagement (likes + count) or, by number of Number of Likes or Number of Comments only. You can also choose to display results from All time, or from the past 7 or 30 days.


Once you have everything selected, click Select & Display, and a stream of engagers will be displayed:


The Engagers stream will only work for Instagram accounts that have been added to the Analytics Accounts on the app’s setttings page.

More info on Streamview for Instagram is available on our Web site.

Power Searches and more for Syndicator


We just released a big update to our Syndicator for Hootsuite app. This is the first part of major update that all of our Streamview apps are currently going through, that will make all of the Streamview apps function similarly. The updates will culminate with a new Streamview PRO app. (more about that in a future blog post!)

What you’ll see in the Syndicator update are:

Power Searches
You can now create and save powerful searches that search the feeds you select for the keywords you specify.


You can also choose to search in a list of popular feeds. You do not have to be following all of the popular feeds to see results from them.

Video Play
If Syndicator finds a post with a YouTube or Vimeo video in it:


You can now view the video in app:


Updated Feed Manager
The Feed Manager went through some major changes too. It’s now possible to add feeds to multiple groups:


As well as click to remove a feed from a particular group:


You can add all of the feeds from a particular group to the current stream in the new Feed Selector popup. (click the rss icon on the Power Searches and Streams tabs to see it)


There are a whole bunch of little tweaks and updates as well. If you’re using Syndicator, these updates are available now. Now using Syndicator? Find out more here: