Analytics for TikTok!

We just released an update to our Pendulum for TikTok app which includes analytics for your TikToks! You can now analyze your TikTok videos, create/save reports and more. For more info, visit the Pendulum page on our website.

10 years of Hootsuite apps!

Hard to believe, but it’s now been 10 years since we released our first apps for Hootsuite! We now have over 40 apps, having added apps for TikTok, as well as BigCommerce, Magento and WooCommerce in the past year. We also added, an app for creating landing pages for your Instagram bio link, too! And, we’ve been busy adding new features to many of our existing apps as well! A very busy year, fitting for our tenth!

Have an app idea? We’re always “building”, so let us know what’s on your mind by contacting us.

Get the Instagram full picture with Panoramiq content discovery

Looking to up your Instagram game? Our Panoramiq apps for Instagram have everything you’ll need for content discovery, analytics as well as comment/mentions management. In this blog post, we’ll look at content discovery, with our Panoramiq Watch app.

Content Discovery with Panoramiq Watch

Panoramiq Watch makes it easy to discover content on Instagram. You can create, and save, searches that monitor multiple Hashtags, as well as monitor posts made by Instagram Business accounts.

Monitoring Hashtags and Competitors

Clicking the Manage Streams icon in the app’s menubar displays the Manage Competitors/Hashtags popup:


Adding Hashtags

To add a new hashtag to monitor, click the Hashtags tab, and select Add new hashtag from the dropdown menu. 


Next, enter the hashtag combination you would like to monitor results for, select the Instagram account that this hashtag is for, and then click the Save Hashtag button to save it.


Adding Competitors

Similarly, to add a new competitor, click the Competitors tab, and select Add new competitor from the dropdown menu: 


Next, in the competitor’s website URL, enter the URL for your competitor, and click Search. Panoramiq will then attempt to automatically discover your competitors Instagram account. 


If Panoramiq was unable to discover your competitors Instagram account, you can manually enter it in the Social Accounts section. Be sure to click the icon to verify that you have the right account. 

Viewing Results

Once you have added hashtags and competitors to watch, you can select which you would like to view in your stream by clicking the mceclip28.png icon in the app’s menu bar:


You can also filter results that are displayed in your stream:


With everything setup, you will now see new posts as their made on Instagram in your Hootsuite stream.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Supercharge your Instagram bio link with

Feeling constrained by being allowed only one link in your Instagram bio? You need, our latest app for Hootsuite. makes it easy to combine images from your Instagram account with buttons and links to create rich landing pages that you can link to from your Instagram bio. With one link, you can easily direct your Instagram followers to your online store, your blog, or other social media accounts, and track it all with Google Analytics.

For more info check out the page on our website, or, visit the app’s Quick Start Guide to see everything that offers. Or, feel free to contact us @

Adding Vimeo feeds to Syndicator

For all you Vimeo users out there, here’s an easy way to get your Vimeo feeds into our Syndicator feed reading app for Hootsuite. First, go to in your favorite web browser. Once you’re there, scroll down to the bottom of the page:

On the right side, you’ll see a list of four RSS links. One for your feeds, one for your shares, one for your videos and one for your likes. Copy the links, and paste them into the Enter Website or RSS feed URL input box in Syndicator’s feed manager, and you’re ready to go!

Monitoring YouTube channels in Syndicator

Ever wanted to monitor YouTube channels with everything else you’re monitoring in our Syndicator app? Well, you can! First, open the page for the channel on Youtube, and copy the URL for the channel from your browsers URL input box:

In this case, the URL is: Next, go back to your Syndicator stream in Hootsuite and click the Feed Manager icon in the app’s menu bar. This will display the Feed Manager popup. Here, click the Add Feeds button:

Now, at the bottom, paste the URL you copied above to the Enter Website or RSS feed URL input box at the bottom left. Finally, click Add Feed and you’ve now added a YouTube channel to Syndicator.

Shopview for BigCommerce

BigCommerce support has just been added to our Shopview ecommerce app for Hootsuite. You can now add your BigCommerce store to Hootsuite and easily share products to social media, as well as interact with users on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

More info on Shopview can be found on the here.

Mastering YouTube with Channelview: Part II – Video Analytics

Following up on our last Channelview blog post on Video Discovery, this time around, we’ll explore using our Channelview Insights app to analyze your channel and videos.

Types of Insights

WIth Channelview, there are two groups of analytics you can view:

  1. Core Insights – Views, Engagement, Subscriptions and Watch time
  2. Audience Insights – Demographics, Geography, Acquisition, Sharing and Devices

Core Insights

Under Core Insights, you will find 4 separate chart types:

  1. Views – view the number of video views for all of your videos over a period of time
  2. Engagement – view the number of comments, likes and dislikes for all of your videos over time
  3. Subscriptions – view channel subscriber growth over time
  4. Watch Time – view the number of minutes your videos were watched per day over time

Want to switch the time period? Simply click on the calendar in the top right corner, and a calendar will be displayed where you can select a period of time to view insights for:

Want to save the current data as a PDF or CSV report? Click the save icon in the top right corner:

Viewing results for a single video

Want to view results for a single video rather than all of your videos? Simply enter the first couple of letters in the title of your video into the keyword search box, and Channelview will search for it for you.

You can also click one of the analytics icons below a video in the Hootsuite stream to view the analytics for it:

Audience Insights

Under Audience Insights, you will see 5 separate chart types:

  1. Demographics – age and gender of your viewers
  2. Geography – the location of your viewers
  3. Acquisition – how the viewers discovered your videos
  4. Sharing – where users shared your videos to
  5. Devices – which devices, pc, smartphone, etc., the viewers viewed your videos on

As with Core Insights, you can select a date range to view analytics for, select an individual video to view analytics for, as well as download PDF and CSV reports.


If you want to get all of the analytics mentioned above in one report, click Full Report under Reports. The Full report contains all of the Core and Audience Insights reports, and is downloadable in PDF and CSV formats. You can also select the period of time for which you would like to view results.

Clicking Top Videos report will display a table with all of your top videos in it:

You can sort results by clicking any of the column headers in the table.